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Report highlights poultry standard concerns

The Western Australian Government has reiterated its concerns with draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry following last night’s report on ABC’s 7.30.

The standards, drafted in a process led by the New South Wales Government, do little to improve conditions for egg-laying chickens and are not based on modern animal welfare science, as reflected in the Victorian Government’s Farmed Bird Welfare Science Review.

The report also highlights the need for an independent statutory body to oversee drafting and enforcement of animal welfare standards at a national level, as recommended this year by the Productivity Commission.

Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan will host a roundtable with WA industry and animal welfare stakeholders next month while the draft standards are out for public consultation.

If the Western Australian Government’s concerns are not adequately resolved following the national public consultation process, the State will not adopt the final standards and guidelines.

The WA Government has introduced to State Parliament, amendments to the Animal Welfare Act 2002 that would enable endorsed national standards and guidelines, such as those on livestock transport, to be enforced in Western Australia.