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Trucker shortage could cause grocery price rise

Grocery prices are expected to increase in Australia due to an ongoing truck driver shortage. The shortage of drivers has resulted in delays and disruptions to the supply chain, leading to a rise in the cost of transporting goods, including food and groceries.

The trucking industry has been facing a chronic shortage of drivers for several years, but the situation has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has resulted in border closures and restrictions, which have made it difficult to train new drivers and import foreign workers.

The trucking industry is calling on the government to take action to address the driver shortage and help keep the supply chain running smoothly. They suggest measures such as providing incentives for people to train as truck drivers, streamlining the process for foreign workers to enter the country, and investing in new technologies to improve efficiency in the industry.

The expected rise in grocery prices is a cause for concern for many Australians, particularly those who are already struggling financially due to the pandemic, and consumers may need to adjust their shopping habits and consider alternatives to their usual grocery items to cope with the anticipated increase in prices.