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What Google’s Mobile First Update Means for Your Marketing Strategy

Google has at last rolled out a “mobile first” algorithm that favours smart phone users over desktop audiences. This may be the most revolutionary update since Hummingbird, and the transition will come with some exciting features that will enhance user experience, changing the way you think about SEO and digital marketing. Understanding the

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A memo to Google – firing employees with conservative views is anti-diversity

Google’s recent sacking of James Damore for circulating a memo will do the tech giant more harm than good. Not only has the memo been incorrectly dubbed “anti-diversity”, but the document has also received widespread support from other Google employees. A more productive response to the memo would have been

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Google, Citrix Integrate Cloud-Based Desktop Apps

Business software company Citrix is expanding its relationship with Google in a bid to bring cloud delivery of applications and desktops and secure cloud-optimized endpoints to their enterprise customers. The companies say businesses are continuously looking to both public and hybrid clouds to solve their business requirements for secure digital workspaces. Cloud

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