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Push for Local Jobs Amidst Mining Boom

News was released this week announcing a surge in Chinese demand for iron-ore bringing the state $10.7 billion in royalties.

Western Australia Party candidate for Mining and Pastoral Dave Grills said today the recent demand for iron-ore should provide a welcome boost to local employment in regional areas.

Mr Grills said the resource boom should welcome WA families to the regions rather than relying heavily on a FIFO workforce.

“It is good news to see a mining boom especially after a devastating economic year that many families endured due to COVID-19.

“I urge the mining lobby to resist reliance on a global and eastern states’ workforce and instead, train and employ WA locals and encourage them and their families to live in a regional area,” Mr Grills said.

The former police officer said he is aware of the social problems that FIFO work can cause.

“Given the surge in youth crime across the state, it is vital we keep families together in local regional communities.”

Upper House MP for the WA Party Charles Smith released a policy last week outlining the urgent need to prioritise a local workforce in the resource sector and supports Mr Grills’ proposal.

“The policy is focused on incentivising local employment to contribute to thriving local economies.

“If the mining lobby refuse to localise their workforce I want royalties increased dependent on the quota of non-locals employed.

“The funds raised from this venture will be injected into a training school for young people to prepare them for future mine work in WA,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith and Mr Grills said investment into a training school is a long-term strategy that would guard against skills-shortages in the resources sector.