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MP Calls for Halt to Stoneville Development After Fire

Western Australia Party MP Charles Smith said the fire sparked last week in the Perth hills is an urgent call to Satterley to withdraw the proposed development in North Stoneville.

Mr Smith said the area earmarked for high-density development is in an extreme bushfire zone.

Last week’s fire destroyed 86 homes with the cause speculated to be harsh weather conditions.

“The devastating fire is exactly the reason why I support the Save the Perth Hills lobby.

“The development is not worth the fire risk and the area does not have the appropriate infrastructure to support high-density living.

“I urge the Government to consider immediate moratoriums for dangerous high-density developments in extreme bush fire zones,” Mr Smith said.
Mr Smith’s election pledge is about holding property developers to account as he described Perth’s developments as a “scourge of high-density living spurred by greed.”

“We urgently need to apply pressure to scrap dangerous developments that threaten people’s lives just so Satterley can pocket his millions.

“Satterley’s case is due to appear in the State Administrative Tribunal for mediation next week which could be withdrawn due to safety issues rather than wasting time and taxpayer money.”

Mr Smith has recently attacked property developments releasing a rezoning tax policy which seeks to impose a 25 per cent tax on rezoning windfall profits to inject into infrastructure upgrades.

Smith has also pledged to introduce Third Party appeals for developments.