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Global day of remembrance for victims of road trauma

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is commemorated on the third Sunday of November to remember the millions killed and injured in road crashes each year.

Here in Western Australia, the event is co-ordinated by Road Trauma Support WA, the State’s only dedicated service supporting Western Australians impacted by road trauma.

Each year around the country, an average of 1,200 people are killed on our roads and more than 30,000 are seriously injured.

In addition to the massive emotional and physical toll suffered by families and communities, road trauma is estimated to cost the country $27 billion per annum.

Men aged between 18-24 and drivers in remote and regional WA continue to be over-represented in road crash data.

Speed, drink and drug driving, fatigue, failure to wear seatbelts and distraction remain the leading causes of death and injury on our roads.