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Reforms to stop puppy farming underway

An implementation group meeting to stop puppy farming and reduce the number of unwanted dogs in Western Australia was held today.

Speaking at the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park, Local Government Minister David Templeman announced that the implementation group would look at issues such as the development of a centralised dog registration system, compulsory dog sterilisation for non-breeding dogs, and pet shops being transitioned to adoption centres.

Currently in WA, dog breeding is an unregulated industry and is able to operate without scrutiny.  The proposed changes will contribute to a reduction in the number of dogs needing rehoming, reduce the euthanasia rate of abandoned dogs and stop dogs suffering neglect due to puppy farms.

Dog breeders, pet shops, veterinarians, local governments and dog owners in the community will be invited to comment on proposals to end puppy farming in WA when the working group’s consultation paper is released to the public in 2018.

The Dogs’ Refuge Home is a registered charity that relies on community support to fund its operations.  The refuge has a pro-life policy and does not euthanase any healthy, re-homable animal in its care.