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Extra trading hours to give retailers a Christmas boost

The WA Government has approved extended retail trading hours giving Perth shoppers an extra 49 hours to buy gifts and food over the Christmas period.

Starting on Tuesday, December 5, general retail shops in the Perth metropolitan area will be allowed to open from 7am to 9pm on weekdays (normally 8am to 9pm), 7am to 6pm on Saturdays (normally 8am to 5pm) and 8am to 6pm on Sunday and public holidays (normally 11am to 5pm). The exception is Christmas Day when larger retail shops will be closed.

The extended trading hours will conclude on New Year’s Day.

Commerce and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston has also approved extended trading hours for Australia Day, 8am to 6pm, adding an extra four hours for consumers to shop.

The extended hours for the Christmas period and Australia Day are the same as 2016-17.

Under the Retail Trading Hours Act, the Minister has the power to extend trading for a 28 day period prior to New Year’s Day and for public holidays outside this period, except for Christmas Day, Good Friday and ANZAC Day when general retail shops must close.