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Cruise ship funding to deliver a boost to Broome’s economy

The McGowan Labor Government’s $7 million upgrade to Broome Port will enable 24-hour cruise ship access, paving the way for more international visitors and a boost to the local economy.

Cruise ships are currently required to visit the port in non-optimal times, due to navigational hazards associated with the port channel.

Dredging the access channel, which will commence next year, will provide all hours berthing access for cruise ships and other vessels, increasing the attractiveness of Broome and Western Australia for inclusion in cruise itineraries.

Attracting more cruise ships to WA is a key component of the McGowan Labor Government’s tourism strategy.

As part of plans for Broome, the McGowan Labor Government will work with the cruise ship industry to develop more landside destination options for passengers visiting Broome, to generate additional visitor spend and more jobs for locals.

In 2015-16, it was estimated that the cruise ship industry generated close to $7 million for Broome’s economy and about 30 direct jobs. Following dredging works, it is expected these numbers would increase significantly.

Existing users of the Port of Broome will also benefit from the channel widening and deepening. These include other cruise liners, fully loaded fuel tankers (they currently have to come in partially loaded), mid-sized container vessels and some oil and gas support vessels.