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Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey mail-out on track

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms the progressive mail-out of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey is proceeding to schedule and is on track to deliver survey materials to all eligible Australians by 25 September 2017.

ABS Deputy Australian Statistician and Taskforce Lead, Jonathan Palmer said people who hadn’t received their forms should wait until 25 September before requesting new survey materials.

“We’re aware that there are people who’ve moved house and haven’t updated their address on the Electoral Roll.

“To make sure they have their say, they can update their address by contacting the ABS via our website – www.marriagesurvey.abs.gov.au– or by calling the Information Line on 1800 572 113.

“A replacement form will be sent to their current address and the form sent to their old address will be made invalid,” he said.

“After 25 September, people who haven’t received their survey materials can also request new materials via the ABS website or the Information Line.

“The survey materials will contain a new survey form, a Reply Paid envelope and instructions on how to complete the survey,” he said.

Mr Palmer said the ABS was also aware of media reports of people opening former tenants’ mail and returning their completed survey forms.

“If you receive a survey form not addressed to you, do the right thing and just return it to sender. It’s illegal to open others’ mail, unless you have their express permission as a trusted person,” he said.

“When a replacement form is issued, the previous form will be invalidated and if it has been received its response will not be counted.

“Stealing or tampering with mail is a criminal offence that carries serious penalties,” he said.

Mail-out of Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey materials will be completed by 25 September 2017 and results will be published on the ABS website on 15 November 2017.

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