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Australian Stats app now featuring Census 2016 data

A wealth of 2016 Census data is now available at your fingertips following an update to the ABS Stats App on Android and iOS.

The app which also received multiple awards at this year’s GOV Design Awards and TECH Design Awards provides access to key economic indicators, 2016 Census data and the Australian population clock.

ABS Program Manager Jenny Telford said the new user-centred design with its improved interface made the ABS Stats app more intuitive and responsive.

“The ABS has a wealth of information that is important to Australia and covers every aspect of our lives,” Ms Telford said.

“The latest changes we have made allow users to find and understand the latest Census data seamlessly.

“For example, comparing Suburbs just got easier as the app now surfaces 2016 Census data by Suburb (replacing postal areas) and updated Commonwealth Electoral Divisions provides an invaluable resource for politicians, parliamentarians and the media especially during election time.”

Awards for the app, which included Gold for Best Expanded Service or Application, Silver for Digital – News & Information and Gold for Government Services confirm the apps excellent user experience and next level service offered by the ABS.

“Receiving these awards is further recognition of the ABS’ commitment to making data available in a format that meets the needs of people,” said Ms Telford

The ABS Stats app has been downloaded by more than 25,000 people so far.

Find ABS Stats for Android free on the Google Play Store, or ABS Stats for iOS free on the App Store.

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