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New crime statistics portal for WA Police

The WA Police Force has launched a new and improved crime statistics portal on its website.

This portal provides a greater level of crime information and explanatory material.

Crime data will now be released quarterly in line with a review of our crime recording and reporting practices by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The review made a number of recommendations to improve the way the WA Police Force records, compiles, analyses and reports crime statistics.

These changes better align WA with national crime recording standards.

Improvements to the WA Police Force crime statistics portal include:

  • An overview of crime trends in WA
  • A simple lookup tool providing interactive data and charts for individual suburbs
  • Greater level of information and detail on each offence category
  • Downloadable reports providing 10 years of crime statistics

The move to more rigorous practices has been a complex process, incorporating technical and recording changes and improved governance.

A detailed quality assurance process to ensure the accuracy of the information was undertaken in the months leading up to today’s launch.

The first release of information using the new practices is for the July to September quarter.

The WA Police Force is committed to providing more comprehensive, reliable data to paint a more meaningful crime picture for police, policy makers and the public.