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State Government cracks down on speeding motorcyclists

The WA Government has announced the introduction of new mobile speed cameras which capture high-quality images of both the front and rear of a vehicle.

Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts unveiled the new cameras today, giving police a greater capacity to detect and prosecute speeding motorcyclists.

The technology captures both front and rear images of the rider and registration of the motorcycle simultaneously providing police with better evidence to identify and prosecute riders.

Up until now, only red-light speed cameras at selected intersections and some fixed speed cameras on the freeway have had the capacity to capture the rear registration plates of speeding motorcyclists.

The new cameras are fitted to vehicles which can be parked on the side of a road and enable a vehicle’s speed to be read from the front, while the vehicle is photographed from behind.

Licence plates were removed from the front of motorcycles about 35 years ago, following concerns about the metal plates inflicting severe injuries to riders in the event of an accident.

On Western Australian roads this year, 25 motorcyclists have been killed and 19 seriously injured in crashes.

In many of those, speed was found to be a factor.