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State defence directory to promote local industry capability

Defence Issues Minister Paul Papalia is calling for Western Australia’s defence industry to participate in a capability assessment.

The Office of Defence West has engaged TCF Services to assess the State’s industrial, research and development, and education and training capabilities in the defence sector.

The results of this assessment will be used to create a Western Australian Directory of Defence Industry Capabilities, which will assist Defence West and the State’s Defence Advocate to promote WA to the Federal Government, defence contractors and international markets.

The information will also be cross-referenced with the Federal Government’s Defence Integrated Investment Program, which details $195 billion in planned defence expenditure.

This work will enable Defence West to provide targeted advice to businesses, particularly small to medium-size enterprises, and to inform the State’s Defence Strategy, due next year.

The capability assessment aims to capture companies which aspire to enter defence markets or have an innovative product or service potentially applicable to defence, as well as existing suppliers.

Registration for the capability assessment is now open.  For more information, visit http://www.defencewesthub.com.au