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New regulations to improve safety for electricians

The State Government has introduced new legislation to help improve the safety of electricians and other workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health, and the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations have been amended to address workers being killed by electricity in roof spaces or domestic dwellings.

Under the new rules, electrical work on or near live electrical installations and equipment will be prohibited, except for rare circumstances where it is impossible to work without the electrical installation being energised, such as testing.

Even in these cases, strict control measures will be implemented to ensure the work can be done safely.

Another amendment will require the electricity main switch to be turned off before any workers enter the ceiling space of domestic properties.

EnergySafety and Worksafe will publish a Code of Practice for Persons Working On or Near Energised Electrical Installations and Guidance Note – Working in roof spaces to assist employers and workers with the amended regulations.