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ANSTO shares specialist expertise in hosting workshop on nuclear forensics

ANSTO is hosting an IAEA Regional Training Course, which provides a Practical Introduction to Nuclear Forensics, this week at the Lucas Heights Campus. It is the first time that the IAEA has implemented practical nuclear forensics training in the South-East Asia region.

Nuclear forensic science is the examination of nuclear or other radioactive material or of evidence that is contaminated with radionuclides, in the context of legal proceedings.

As a critical component of a State’s nuclear security architecture, it attempts to answer questions about material found out of regulatory control such as what the material is, from where it originates, what its intended uses might be, and who has handled the material.

CEO Adi Paterson welcomed twelve participants from across the South-East Asia region that include research scientists and representatives from regulatory agencies, to gain practical experience with techniques ranging from alpha spectrometry to the enhancement of fingerprints on evidence contaminated with radionuclides.

The experience will enable them to support the development or enhancement of nuclear forensic capabilities in their home country—further enhancing regional nuclear security.

“This course represents an exciting opportunity for ANSTO to share with regional partners the expertise we have developed in nuclear forensics over a decade of operational experience,” said Kaitlyn Toole, a Nuclear Forensic Scientist at ANSTO and director of the training course.

ANSTO has a longstanding commitment to support the IAEA’s nuclear forensics activities by engaging in Cooperative Research Projects, providing subject matter experts as training facilitators, attending IAEA conferences and participating in consultancy and guidance development meetings.

Experts from across ANSTO, supported by specialists from the United States Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration and the Australian Federal Police, will deliver a 5-day program comprising lectures, a table top exercise and hands-on laboratory activities.

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