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Recall Notice: Lax-Sachets

Consumers and health professionals are advised that AFT Pharmaceuticals, in consultation with the TGA, is recalling four batches of Lax-Sachets (batch numbers 7229215, 7229216, 7229217 and 7229219).

Lax-Sachets contain powder that, after being mixed with water, is taken orally to relieve constipation and treat faecal impaction.

It has been identified that there is an error in the dosage/administration instructions printed on the back of the sachets from the affected batches. It should be noted that the correct information is provided on both the product carton and the pack insert.

The incorrect directions on affected sachets read ‘Administration: Each sachet should be dissolved in 1 litre of water.’

The correct instructions should be ‘Administration: Each sachet should be dissolved in 125 mL water. For use in faecal impaction 8 sachets may be dissolved in 1 litre of water.’

Following the incorrect instructions on the sachets will result in a larger volume and more dilute solution to drink. This is unlikely to result in any harm to the user, but the effectiveness of the product may be reduced.

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