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Livestock surveillance benefits to Western Australia highlighted in video

How Western Australia’s producers and livestock industries benefit from our livestock surveillance system is highlighted in a new video produced by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development field veterinary officer Dr Kevin Hepworth (left), Bunbury, with producer Alan Garstone, who participated in the video.

Department Animal Health Surveillance Manager Marion Seymour said WA’s livestock surveillance programs were vital to maintain the state’s $2 billion annual export trade in livestock and livestock products as well as to support our domestic market.

“Western Australia’s animal health surveillance system is designed to look for evidence that animals are free from specific diseases that could affect trade or human health, as well as new or emerging diseases,” Dr Seymour said.

“Everyone who works with livestock, including producers, vets, stock agents, transporters and processors, is a frontline member of WA’s animal health surveillance team.

“Whenever someone calls a vet to investigate sick animals and to submit samples to the laboratory for testing, this provides evidence of our animal health status and that we are free of major diseases present in many other parts of the world.

“The producer also benefits directly from a diagnosis of the cause of the problem, so they can take action to prevent further losses and optimise their production.”

Dr Seymour said the Department also provided a number of subsidies for laboratory testing and veterinary costs to encourage producers to report sick animals when there were unusual numbers of animal deaths or disease signs that looked similar to diseases that could affect public health or market access. Producers can find out more about these subsidies by contacting their local DPIRD vet.

Dr Seymour also thanked the WA producers who gave generously of their time to assist in the filming of the video.


For more information about animal health surveillance in WA, visit the Department website at agric.wa.gov.au and search ‘animal health’. For your nearest DPIRD vet, search ‘livestock biosecurity contacts’.

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