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Government welcomes major step in artificial intelligence revolution

The Australian National University (ANU) has announced it will establish the Autonomy, Agency and Assurance (3A) Institute within the university’s College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Led by one of the world’s top technologists and anthropologists, Professor Genevieve Bell, and co-founded with the CSIRO’s Data61, the 3A Institute is a 10-year investment by the ANU to develop Australia’s artificial intelligence capability.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the core of the fourth industrial revolution or digital age.

Like the previous three industrial revolutions, technological advancement creates challenges for humanity, including the potential for social and economic disruption—challenges that cannot be solved by science alone.

The 3A Institute will bring together some of the best researchers from around the world—experts in artificial intelligence, data and technology and a range of disciplines including sociology, psychology and economics, to build technical capability and to understand what implications AI will have for all of us.

AI has the potential to impact all levels of society. It represents a huge opportunity for Australia, but in order to seize this opportunity, we need a collaborative approach to understanding its implications.

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