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Service Priority Review interim report

An interim report of the Service Priority Review was handed down today.

Led by a three-member panel, the Service Priority Review is examining the functions, operations and culture of the public sector, ensuring change is achieved to deliver better services for the community.

The panel’s interim report points to directions for reform that have the greatest capacity to bring about systemic and lasting change in the public sector. It recognises there are barriers to reform but also many opportunities for change.

Hundreds of stakeholders have been consulted for the review, including public sector employees, business and industry groups, regional service providers, Aboriginal representatives, unions and the community services sector.

The panel has undertaken visits to three Western Australian regions to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and priorities of regional and remote communities.

The Service Priority Review panel will seek feedback from stakeholders on the issues raised in the interim report and the directions for reform.

The final report will be presented to the State Government in October 2017. The interim report is available at https://www.dpc.wa.gov.au/servicepriorityreview

Premier Mark McGowan said “The interim report is an important milestone in what is a key commitment of the McGowan Labor Government.

“The Service Priority Review is one of several measures being implemented to drive significant reform and cultural change across the public sector, in order to deliver better services for taxpayers.

“Western Australians deserve a public sector that delivers the best possible outcomes for the community.

“These measures will bring about substantial long-term change by improving the sector’s efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and affordability. We expect that, over time, our public sector reforms will save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

“I am encouraged by the high level of support and enthusiasm for the review, and acknowledge the contribution that the public sector, organisations and individuals have made to the interim report.”

Source: Government of Western Australia.