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IAEA Regional Training course on groundwater held at ANSTO

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is currently hosting an IAEA Regional Training Course on the use of isotope techniques in the sustainable management of deep groundwater resources.

The training course is an activity under a Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) project for which Dr Suzanne Hollins, Head of Research, Nuclear Science Technology and landmark Infrastructure is the Australian project coordinator.

“This is wonderful opportunity to share our considerable expertise that we have built up over many years using isotopic and other techniques to address pressing challenges in the region.” said Hillins

Twenty three participants from 14 RCA member countries from across the Asia Pacific, including Palau and Laos who have recently joined the RCA network, are receiving training from ANSTO water experts, Dr Karina Meredith, Dr Dioni Cendon, Dr Catherine Hughes, and from Dr Uwe Morgenstern of GNS Science in New Zealand.

The RCA project was developed in recognition of the urgent need of proper development and management of water resources for sustainable availability across the Asia-Pacific region.

The project is improving the capability for efficient and effective development and management of deeper groundwater resources in particular.

Participants are being trained in the use of isotope and related techniques in the assessment of groundwater resources and in addressing concomitant hydrogeological problems.

The training will go some way in alleviating problems, in the developing member countries of the RCA in particular, in accessing and maintaining good quality, sustainable water resources.

The topics being covered include groundwater hydrology; tritium, radiocarbon and Cl-36 dating; some basic modelling; field sampling methods; analysis using accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS); and interpretation of data.

Participants are receiving a mixture of lectures and hands-on experience with groundwater dating. A tour of the ANSTO laboratories is also a part of the course. At the end of the course participants will be assessed on their acquired knowledge through a questionnaire.

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