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Innovative technology converts commercial vehicles to run on electricity

The Australian Government, through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund, is providing $5 million in finance to help automotive technology manufacturer SEA Electric convert medium-duty trucks and commercial vans to run on electricity.

The Victorian based manufacturer has developed three electric vehicle drive system models that will convert fuel operated commercial vehicles to electric when fitted.

The investment will help SEA Electric increase their manufacturing capacity to support the growing demand for clean energy vehicle technologies.

This innovative technology would benefit freight, delivery and waste collection businesses looking to transition to lower emission vehicles.

Increasing the uptake of electric vehicles is an important part of the Turnbull Government’s broader strategy to reduce emissions.

The Clean Energy Innovation Fund is operated by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) in conjunction with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to drive innovation in clean energy technologies.

Transport-related emissions is a key area of focus for the CEFC, especially investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions, achieve industry-leading levels of energy efficiency and contribute to productivity and cleaner air in our cities and regions.

As part of the Government’s technology neutral approach to emissions reduction, the Government is also providing support for the uptake of low emissions vehicles through the Green Vehicle Guide and the Emissions Reduction Fund.

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