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Fatigue rules review team appointed

A team of leading international specialists will conduct an independent review of the new fatigue rules.

The review will benchmark the new fatigue regulations against those of other leading aviation countries and regulators including the European Aviation Safety Agency, New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

It will look at results of investigations into fatigue related accidents and incidents and how CASA’s philosophy and approach to fatigue regulation compares with that of other transport regulators and high-risk industries.

The outcomes of the review will provide CASA with an informed basis for finalising the reform of the fatigue rules for air operators and pilots.

Dédale Asia Pacific has assembled a team of specialists to carry out the review, which will provide a full report and recommendations to the CASA Board early in 2018.

The specialists have experience and expertise in studying the effects of fatigue on operational performance in a range of safety critical industries, as well as developing and evaluating fatigue models.

They have worked with airlines and other transport operators to implement effective fatigue risk management systems.

The chairman of CASA’s Board, Jeff Boyd, welcomed the appointment of the fatigue review team.

“This is a group of well qualified people with expertise in the right areas who will look at key fatigue issues and provide independent advice to CASA,” Mr Boyd said.

“The review team will examine feedback previously provided to CASA and will establish a mechanism to engage extensively with industry and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that all views are considered. CASA will ensure that any proposed changes flowing from the review will be subject to appropriate consultation.”

CASA will extend the implementation period for new fatigue regulations by six months to enable sufficient time for the review to be carried out and recommendations to be considered.

Air operators will be required to submit their draft operations manual changes or an application for a fatigue risk management system to CASA by 30 April 2018 and complete the transition to the new fatigue rules by 31 October 2018.

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