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Funding boost for Electronic Medical Record System

The State Government is injecting $8.1 million to commence planning for a Western Australian Electronic Medical Record System that will improve safety, efficiency and patient experience.

The system is one of the key recommendations of the Sustainable Health Review, which prioritised the delivery of patient-centric, high-quality and financially sustainable healthcare across the State.

Using state-of-the-art technology, an Electronic Medical Record System creates a linked digital environment capable of providing rapid access to information, which is vital to support a patient throughout their health journey in the WA Health system.

Once developed, the new system will enable clinicians to view information such as patient notes, assessments, medical histories and diagnostic test results all in one place – greatly assisting their ability to make safe and informed decisions.

This means patients will not need to wait for medical records to be transferred between clinicians – instead records will be held electronically on the system.

This important investment will help to change the way clinical care is provided in WA by planning for a modern, resource efficient, digital platform that prioritises safety and improves patient outcomes.

An Electronic Medical Record System will also create an important foundation for future digital growth and clinical innovation within the Western Australian health system.