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New fire station to bolster Perth CBD emergency response

Emergency Services Minister Francis Logan today opened the new Vincent Career Fire and Rescue Station that will boost the response to emergencies within the Perth central business district and surrounding areas.

The $19 million facility will house specially trained firefighters who respond to a wide range of incidents, including high-rise building fires, vehicle accidents, hazardous material spills and bushfires.

The new station will ease pressure on the Perth Fire Station, which responds to twice as many call-outs as any other station in the State, amounting to 3,000 call-outs a year.

With four appliances, including a heavy rescue pump, Vincent Fire Station will help reduce response times to incidents in the city, and help free up the Perth Fire Station to respond to high priority calls.

The new station is designed with large appliance bays and increased accommodation capacity to allow for further expansion for decades to come.

It also includes advanced training equipment that will help firefighters maintain and enhance their vital skills.

Construction of the new station was completed in April 2018.