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Fremantle Passenger Terminal to get $3 million refresh

The Fremantle Passenger Terminal, which services many thousands of cruise passengers each year, is about to undergo a substantial $3 million refurbishment.

A new central canopy, repainted façade, updated signage and new flagpoles and banners will soon greet cruise ship passengers entering the iconic building.

Meanwhile, upgrades to the inside of the terminal will include refurbishing the ground floor foyer, new security screens and modern furniture for the transit area in the first-floor function hall.

Fremantle Ports engaged Cox Howlett and Bailey Woodland architects to design the works and consulted on heritage conservation requirements.

The work has State Heritage Office approval and is expected to begin this month with completion in time for the 2018-19 cruise season.

The large and spacious Fremantle Passenger Terminal building has been a significant landmark on Victoria Quay since the opening of its first stage in 1960.

It is regarded as an excellent example of the post war international style of architecture and is on Western Australia’s permanent Register of Heritage Places.

Photo: Fremantle Passenger Terminal (Photographs by Gnangarra [CC BY 2.5 au], via Wikimedia Commons)