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Corrections officers honoured for the first time nationwide

For the first time, Western Australia’s corrections officers have been publicly recognised throughout the State for the important role they play in helping keep our community safe.

It is also the first time the entire nation has come together to recognise the significant contribution that corrections officers and department staff make in managing serious offenders in very challenging environments.

The National Corrections Day recognises the hard work, skill, dedication and contribution corrective services staff make to keep our prisons operating safely and securely, to rehabilitate prisoners, to manage community-based orders and to help young people return to the right path.

Corrections staff not only include prison officers, but also vocational support officers who help prisoners learn real-world qualifications that can assist them find employment on their release and stop cycles of crime.

The day also recognises adult community corrections officers who closely monitor and manage offenders in the community, and youth justice officers who work tirelessly with complex and challenging youth to try to keep them on the right path.

To celebrate their work and the efforts of the other staff across our jails and departmental offices, a number of events will be held including morning teas, barbecues and breakfasts involving staff and key stakeholders.