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NBN Co posts strong Q1 results

NBN Co today released strong results across all key targets, demonstrating the company is on track to complete the rollout of Australia’s new broadband access network by 2020.

For the quarter ended 30 September 2017:

  • Additional 708,000 premises ready for service, to reach 6.4 million in total;
  • Additional 520,000 premises activated, to reach 2.9 million in total;
  • $405 million revenue.

During the first quarter of fiscal 2018, the nbn access network expanded to 6.1 million premises ready to connect (RTC). In other words, more than half the premises in Australia can order an nbn plan from a retailer.

The agility of the Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) has sustained the network’s deployment, with more than 2.8 million of ready to service premises served by Fibre-to-the-Node or Fibre-to-the-Building and 1.1 million premises served by HFC.

In line with the pace of the rollout, 2.9 million premises activated services over the nbn access network at 30 September 2017.

Together with continued momentum across construction and activations, NBN Co has increased focus on the end-user’s experience.

With customer experience remaining a priority over the quarter, NBN Co has implemented a number of key initiatives including: a national campaign launched to address consumer confusion; changes to the ‘check your address function’ with the inclusion of the new term ‘ready to connect’ for when a service can be ordered; and, the launch of a Tech Lab for fault assessment and remediation.

As the deployment of the nbn network subsequently causes an industry-wide transformation, a greater collaborative focus has been undertaken seeing all parties in the supply chain working together to further improve services from the wholesale and retail level.

Bill Morrow, CEO of nbn said “strong foundations have been laid by the hardworking nbn team, along with our Delivery Partners and retailers, playing a significant role in accelerating the rollout and activating services at an extraordinary pace.

“With confidence we seek to take it a step further to deliver the biggest deployment year in nbn history, which will bring us to three quarters of eligible premises ready for service by the end of fiscal year 2018.

“We have demonstrated our ability to scale and deliver, and with the same determination we seek to further improve the end-to-end experience for households and businesses, from migration to use of the network.

“nbn is a wholesale-only company, hence requiring partnership with retail service providers to make substantial improvements throughout the supply chain to deliver Australia’s new broadband network.

“Together, we are revisiting processes and making adjustments to make improvements at all service levels a priority.”