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Full steam ahead on wild dog action

The WA Government has finalised its wild dog action package to help protect and revitalise the pastoral and agricultural industries and drive job growth across the regions.

The State Government will contribute $6.9 million to the State Barrier Fence Esperance extension – 60 per cent of the total project cost – and further investment will be sought from the Federal Government and industry.

Another $4.8 million has been locked in for State Barrier Fence repairs and maintenance, and work is underway on a delivery model that will maximise Aboriginal employment.

A new $615,000 research and development fund will focus on investigating alternative approaches to wild dog control and management to ensure Western Australia is using the best science in its wild dog efforts.  Federal Government funding will be sought for this fund.

State Government action on wild dogs over the next three years will also include:

  • $2.36 million to employ eight doggers to control wild dog populations;
  • A $2 million contribution to the $4 million cell fencing grant program;
  • $550,000 for the Murchison Regional Vermin Fence; and
  • $165,000 for a dog sterilisation program in remote communities.

Another $1.2 million will fund departmental staff to co-ordinate wild dog programs and to engage with industry.

This $18.6 million investment is in addition to the nearly $10 million allocated to Recognised Biosecurity Groups for wild dog control and for other Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development wild dog related expenditure.