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New lion exhibit opens at Perth Zoo

The first stage of Perth Zoo’s new $3.3 million African Lion exhibit has been unveiled amid growing pressure on wild lion populations around the world.

The new African-themed exhibit was opened by Environment Minister Stephen Dawson and provides enhanced opportunities to view Perth Zoo’s lioness, Shinyanga, and learn about the threats facing these big cats.

The exhibit features a thatched hut with native African plantings, large viewing windows and moulds of lion paw prints so visitors can appreciate the sheer size of the cats. Information about research taking place to protect the species in the wild is also on display.

The second stage of the exhibit will commence construction shortly and be complete in mid-2018.

When fully constructed, the African Lion exhibit will include a breeding area with indoor dens and a separate outdoor area where a breeding lioness can have privacy with her cubs, and still feel close to the pride.

It will have the capacity to hold a pride of eight lions.