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$50 million investment into cyber security research and industry solutions

A new industry-led cyber security Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) will build Australia’s cyber security capability and deliver solutions to ensure the safety of our businesses and citizens in cyberspace.

The Australian Government will invest $50 million over the next seven years to establish the Cyber Security CRC.

This funding will leverage more than $89 million from the 25 industry, research and government partners.

“This investment will contribute to Australia’s reputation as a secure and trusted place to do business, enabling industry to attract and increase investment, trade and commerce and delivering broad economic benefit,” Mr Laundy said.

Cyber security is a strategic priority for Australia’s national security. As our industry, government and businesses become increasingly cyber-connected, we need to ensure the essential technologies, core systems and architecture they need to function are secure.

“This will give the Australian community confidence they are safe and secure as they conduct their business online.”

“The Cyber Security CRC will deliver solutions to increase the security of critical infrastructure and that benefit businesses and their customers.”

These include frameworks, products and approaches that will service existing and future ICT enterprises across a broad range of platforms and operating systems,” Mr Laundy said.

The Australian Government is committed to meeting the challenges of cyber security through the implementation of the Government’s Cyber Security Strategy.

The strategy addresses how we can protect ourselves and be more resilient to malicious cyber activity and highlights the importance of a targeted and coordinated approach to research and development within the cyber security ecosystem.

The activities of the Cyber Security CRC will contribute to these objectives while improving the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.

The Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (AustCyber), part of the Government’s Industry Growth Centres Initiative, will work closely with the Cyber Security CRC to facilitate collaborative research that meets the needs of Australian industry.

For more information visit: http://www.business.gov.au/crc-grants

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