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Tour de Tassie roadshow a success, reaching over 2,500 students

This week marks the end of the Tour de Tassie educational roadshow around Tasmania. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) – together with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and Tasmania Police – embarked on an educational tour to increase awareness of child safety and missing persons.

The Tour de Tassie roadshow visited more than 20 schools, reaching over 2,500 school children and 400 parents, carers and teachers over a two week period. Students were educated about being safe in their communities and the adults were encouraged to have open conversations with children about personal safety.

AFP Deputy Commissioner Operations Leanne Close said being young hasn’t changed but technology certainly has. It has changed the way young people communicate with each other.

“Technology is a part of everyday life. Whilst there are dangers online, the AFP is able to help and support youth, parents and carers through initiatives like the ThinkUKnow program to prevent these dangers from occurring,” said Deputy Commissioner Close.

“The AFP would like to take this opportunity to thank its partners the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, and Tasmania Police for the endless work and time investment involved with the tour, for helping us make it a successful educational roadshow,” Deputy Commissioner Close said.

Commonwealth Bank State Manager for Tasmania Marco Artini said this has been a rewarding experience for the Commonwealth Bank employees involved in supporting local parents and families.

“In partnership with the AFP, our employees will continue to help educate communities about the importance of online safety through the ThinkUKnow program,” Mr Artini said.

Denise Morcombe of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation said it was a pleasure to work alongside the AFP team and Tasmanian Police.

“Our united commitment to educate Tassie students was a winner on all fronts. Important safety tips and a laugh; yes, learning about safety can be fun,” Ms Morcombe said.

Commissioner of Tasmania Police Darren Hine said the Tour de Tassie through the efforts of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, AFP, Commonwealth Bank and Tasmania Police have provided our community with the tools to educate our children to stay safe online. It has empowered parents, carers and teachers to ‘Recognise, React and Report’ in the event of something going wrong.

“During the two week tour, an extra 17 Tasmania Police officers were trained in the ThinkUKnow Child Cyber Safety Program bringing the total of officers to 39 state-wide in support of this great initiative.

“Tasmania Police would like to thank the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, AFP and the Commonwealth Bank for a successful tour, that has reinforced the need for children to establish their own Adult Safety Networks and provided our communities with the resources they need to reiterate the safety message,” said Commissioner Hine.

The presentations in Tasmania were received well by schools and parents and carers, deeming the tour a success.

Parents and carers were made aware of challenges online and equipped with technological and behavioural actions to keep children safe.

To book a ThinkUKnow presentation with one of our 641 presenters around Australia, visit thinkuknow.org.au.

For information on the ThinkUKnow cyber safety program, visit thinkuknow.org.au.

For information about missing persons in Australia, visit missingpersons.gov.au.