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River Murray water levels to vary in spring

Communities along the River Murray in New South Wales and Victoria are advised to expect variable flows during spring and to consider adjusting their activities, pumps and moorings accordingly.

Head of River Management at the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA), Andrew Reynolds, said water levels downstream of Hume Dam would fluctuate as water was released from Hume and the Goulburn system for the environment.

“Planned water releases will remain within channel capacity and are likely to rise and fall depending on inflows and downstream demand,” Mr Reynolds said.

“Starting in mid-September, river users in the Echuca district and downstream should be aware that water levels will rise noticeably, as environmental water enters the River Murray as a pulse from the Goulburn River.

“By late September, the flow downstream of Torrumbarry Weir is expected to exceed 10,000 megalitres per day (gauge height of 3.1 metres) for about one week before receding to pre-pulse levels within a fortnight.

“Water levels might be higher if there is significant rain, or lower if diversions are higher than forecast.”

The flow from the Goulburn has been planned by Goulburn Broken CMA and will be managed by Goulburn-Murray Water. Communities can find more information about Goulburn flows at www.gbcma.vic.gov.au and www.gmwater.com.au.

“As these environmental flows pass downstream they will support multiple sites including the Edward-Wakool River system, Barmah-Millewa Forest, Gunbower Forest, Hattah Lakes and the Coorong and Lower Lakes,” Mr Reynolds said.

People can subscribe to the River Murray Weekly Report and also check-in with their local water authority for up-to-date information about the flows.

River data for sites on the River Murray system can be seen at https://riverdata.mdba.gov.au.

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