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Australia and Brazil sign agreement on science, technology and innovation

Australian and Brazilian scientists will now enjoy closer collaboration under an Agreement signed by the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Hon Arthur Sinodinos AO and Brazil’s Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Manuel Innocencio de Lacerda Santos Jr.

The Agreement for Cooperation on Science, Technology and Innovation will support Brazilian researchers in collaborating with Australian partners and support institution-to-institution and researcher-to-researcher links.

Australia and Brazil have a long history of collaborating on scientific projects in areas including physical and biological sciences, clinical medicine and astronomy.

In 2016 the Australian Government provided more than $17 million in funding support for collaborative projects with Brazilian research partners through the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council. Collaboration with Brazil is also supported under the National Innovation and Science Agenda’s Global Innovation Strategy.

Both our countries understand that science, technology and innovation are vital for economic growth and job creation.

Science has helped make lives longer and healthier across the world and this agreement will only make collaboration between our two nations easier.

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