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Career and cultural doors open

In July this year NAISDA Dance College became the first of Australia’s elite arts training organisations to employ an ArtsReady trainee when 19 year old Hannah Shearer joined their office for 12 months as an administrative assistant.

Through this traineeship Australian Government support for both NAISDA and ArtsReady has come together to provide a unique opportunity for a young Australian interested in pursuing a career in the arts.

“NAISDA Dance College gives me the chance to open cultural doors for me as I get to learn more about my Aboriginal heritage.”

The very successful ArtsReady program is delivered by AFL SportsReady and supports first steps into a professional career whilst allowing trainees to gain a nationally accredited qualification. ArtsReady also actively supports opportunities for Indigenous trainees.

Hannah shares her hopes as she takes the next step.

My name is Hannah Shearer. I am a young Murrawarri Woman from Winmalee in the Blue Mountains and I was born 1 July 1998. Growing up I have always been aware of my Aboriginality and it has always given me a sense of security to know where I come from.

Four years ago my family moved up to the Central Coast for a change of scenery from bush to water. This move changed not only my views on the world around me but my attitude towards everything for the better. It was as if I had just been given a whole new life with endless possibilities.

I have always been interested in learning as much as I could about my Aboriginal heritage, through my Nan Noelene Shearer, my Aunty Lily Shearer and my father George Shearer.

Nan told us many stories of what it was like growing up as a young Indigenous child during the stolen generation. My Aunty Lily taught us dances, painting and many dreamtime stories.

After completing my High school Certificate at Terrigal High School I was successful in applying for a Business Administration Traineeship with Arts Read. I was placed with NAISDA Dance College on the Central Coast, in Kariong, NSW.

My traineeship duration is for 12 months and I hope to learn more about my culture, from the wonderful staff and mentors. I also hope to develop the fundamental skills that will allow me to succeed in this industry.

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