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Rio Tinto follows Government’s footsteps on domestic violence

In June this year, the State Government announced that public sector workers, including casual employees, experiencing family and domestic violence would have access to 10 days leave as well as specialised support at a time when they need it the most.

As Western Australia’s biggest employer, the State Government called on the private sector to follow suit and Rio Tinto has responded, introducing special leave entitlements for people experiencing domestic violence.

Nationally, one in four Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner. Western Australia has the second highest rate of reported physical and sexual violence perpetrated against women in Australia, second only to the Northern Territory.

Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Simone McGurk said “Every day in this State, the lives of people we know and love are being devastated by family and domestic violence. I congratulate Rio Tinto on the leadership they are showing on this issue and I call on the rest of the private sector to do the same.

“At a critical time when victims need to feel safe and be supported, this leave will give Rio Tinto employees the flexibility and time to attend court and doctors’ appointments as well as see their lawyers.

“We hope other Western Australian employers also consider the impact of family and domestic violence on their workforce, and think about what they can do to support the safety of victims as well as the productivity of their business.”

Source: Government of Western Australia.