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Semester Two Reminders for Students


As semester two gets underway around the country, university students are reminded to notify the Department of Human Services of any changes to their study load or circumstances to avoid a possible Centrelink debt.

Details such as study loads, employment, overseas travel and living arrangements often change at this time of year, which can impact government payments and benefits.

Changing address is also commonplace as some students move off-campus, back home or live with friends and partners.

Department of Human Services General Manager Hank Jongen said students can easily update their details online via myGov or using the Centrelink mobile app.

“Improvements to the Human Services website include a new Payment and Service Finder to make it easier for people to determine what they may be eligible for,” Mr Jongen said.

“People just need to answer a few questions, like their age and income, and the new Payment and Service Finder will suggest options to explore.

“It can also tell a student what a change in circumstance might mean for payments they currently get.”

As with anyone receiving Centrelink assistance, Youth Allowance or Austudy recipients need to tell the department within 14 days of changes to their circumstances.

“We know students live a digital life and that’s one of the reasons Government is continuing to make services more accessible online by improving existing apps and website functionality,” Mr Jongen said.

“We’re committed to making dealings with the department as quick and easy as possible for everyone.”

Students who picked up work over the break can use myGov to access easy online income reporting. To get set up, call 132 490.

For regular updates or to ask a question about Centrelink payments and services, students can visit and like facebook.com/StudentUpdate.

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