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Robbery and Assault in Balga

Mirrabooka Detectives have charged a man following a series of incidents in Balga on Saturday, 22 July 2017.

At about 8:40am, the 28 year old man was at an address in Finchley Crescent when he became enraged and began throwing bricks at the address causing damage.

It will be alleged, a workman (victim) attended the address for another matter and the man still armed with bricks and a hammer, threatened the victim.

He began throwing bricks at the victims car, causing damage.

At the same time a taxi arrived at the address and the man continued his rage – throwing bricks at the taxi and threatening the driver with the hammer.

The taxi moved away.

Shortly after a 71 year old lady (victim) reversed her vehicle out of an address nearby.

The man turned his rage onto her vehicle, throwing bricks and threatening her with the hammer.

He then took the keys off the victim and threw them away.

A 45 year old man (victim) approached the lady to see if she was ok.

The enraged man then threatened the victim and demanded keys to his car which was parked in the driveway.

The victim gave him the car keys.

The man then got into the victims Ford Falcon sedan and started the engine.

At this time, a police vehicle arrived and stopped behind the Ford.

The man reversed the Ford into the front of the police car and allegedly attempted to push the police vehicle out of the way, before then moving forward and crashing into a shed.

The man then exited the vehicle and threatened police with the hammer.

Police deployed a Taser and the man was detained.

The man from Balga will appear in Perth Magistrates Court today Sunday 23 July 2017 charged with:

  • Armed Robbery
  • Aggravated Armed Robbery
  • Assault to prevent arrest
  • Being armed to cause fear
  • Criminal damage

Source: Robbery and Assault in Balga | Western Australia Police