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New weather station for Swan Valley

A new weather station in Perth’s Swan Valley has today started recording rainfall, temperature, humidity, winds and pressure information every 30 minutes, to further improve forecasting services for Perth Airport and the Swan Valley.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s acting Regional Director for Western Australia, Mr Grahame Reader, welcomed the increase in weather data that the station will provide and its potential benefits to forecasting services.

“This station will be of significant assistance to forecasters when they try to predict if and when fog will form at Perth Airport, and also when it will clear,” Mr Reader said.

“It will also deliver valuable weather data to grape growers and tourist operators in the area, by providing them with real time information on rainfall, temperatures and humidity.

“The observations from the station will be freely available to the community via our website and BOM Weather app,” he said.

The weather station uses solar power as its energy source, and transmits its data automatically to the Bureau via a wireless telecommunications network.

The Millendon (Swan Valley) Automatic Weather Station is one of nearly 100 weather stations in WA, and adds to the Bureau’s network of observing platforms in the country, which include radars, satellites, weather balloons, aircraft observations and marine buoys.

Observations for Millendon (Swan Valley) are available at: www.bom.gov.au/products/IDW60801/IDW60801.94795.shtml

Hi-res image of new station can be downloaded here: http://media.bom.gov.au/downloads/

Reproduced with the permission of the Bureau of Meteorology